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"The Truth will make you odd."

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 '"Many fruitless debates in our time would be

avoided if we were all

made to study and understand

St. ThomasAquinas'  : 

"Division and Methods of Sciences"  

This work shows what the proper objects of the

metaphysics, physical

sciences and mathematics are."   - 

your Web Philosopher


Identity covered to protect the GUILTY! 




Page on the




of an..




infinite regress.




            The Square of Opposition




(from the unlikely book

"The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel

Barbery.) now can be seen at:


Edward Feser Blog

If you are really serious about being conversant 

and well versed philosopher, keep up with this

blog by Edward Feser.  

Better yet, if you live in LA vicinity take his



His blog:

Students:  Aristotle told us something like this: that youth is in a

perpetual state resembling intoxication.  


 (Aristotle said wisdom is knowing the

 causes of things.)

Information on this site:    email of your


 web philosopher (M.A.

in Philosophy at Villanova University):


"The truth will make you odd."  

 Flannery O'Conner.



 - Essays on various subjects by "Jay",


Senior #1 Apprentice

to your Web Philosopher. Look above for


the list for his pages.



"Shame on you, Sartre!"  - read right below:

When asked if he supported the death penalty for "political

crimes," Stalin’s acolyte-on-the-Seine was characteristically 

blunt: "Yes. In a revolutionary country in which the bourgeoisie

has been swept from power, the bourgeois who would foment a  

riot or a plot would deserve the death penalty…A revolutionary

regime must get rid of a certain number of individuals that

threaten it and I see no other means for this than death

(emphasis added); it is always possible to get out of a prison;

the revolutionaries of 1793 probably didn't kill enough people."



(Sartre: The Philosopher of the Twentieth Century, Bernard Henri

-Levy. p. 344)


"For true and false will in no better way be revealed and

uncovered than in

resistance to a contradiction.":  Thomas Aquinas



Famous quote:  from the German philosopher, F. Wilhelm Nietzsche -1844 - 1900

(influenced by Hegel).

"What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger."

(According to one of my Prof's in Grad School, Nietzche should have not be considered a

 philosopher, for he has no "SYSTEM".  He said he

taught by aphorisms, and aphorisms are not philosophy.)


Any questions should be emailed to




(Remember philosophical Idealists as opposed to philosophical Realists)


  Immanuel Kant  1724 - 1804


Kant, Ethics:  Treat a human being as an end in himself, not a means to an end. 



 G. Hegel  (Absolute Idealist)  1770 - 1831 .  (The universe is an idea working itself




 Sigmund. Freud 1856 - 1939 (influenced by Nietzsche) -

 I once asked one of my Profs why they didn't consider Freud a Philosopher instead of a figure in

 modern psychology. 

He said that was a "good question" which it still is.  Any Answer???. 

Read about Nietzsche's influence on the 20th Century: (press below)



French Philosophers

Here is a  famous quote of Rene Descartes (1596 - 1660). Do you remember it?

One of our students has supplied us with his quote in the original French.

 "Je pense donc je suis."




"The heart has reasons that the mind does not know of."

One of our students gave this belief of BlaisePascal (1623 to 1662) in the original French:  

"Le coeur a ses raisens que la raison ne connait pas." 

  Blaise Pascal


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